Avv.Dr. Lulzim Alushaj

Avv.Dr. Lulzim Alushaj

After high school graduation, he received a law degree from the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum). During the time of law practice, he worked at an international business law firm where he had the opportunity to gain significant experience with cases and practices with a substantial impact in commercial, corporate and civil – procedure. As the result of passing the Bar exam for the qualification to the legal profession in Albania, he joined the Board of the Bar Association of Tirana and subsequently, he also gained the qualification of the legal profession (Lawyer) in Italy.

Specialization and lecturer experience As part of his post-graduate education, he received a Master’s degree in “International Law’’ at the University of Bologna and a PhD in “Government of the European Union, Social and Tax policies" at SUN Naples. Lulzim Alushaj gives lectures and seminars regularly on trade relations and cross-border legal aspects between Italy and Albania. He is also a lecturer in Civil Procedural Law. Dr. Lulzim Alushaj Esq, is fluent in Albanian and Italian languages and he is qualified for defense and representation of clients at all levels of Court, Supreme Court and at all special courts. His specificity is that he undertakes activities in the presence of a double title of Lawyer (Italy and Albania). Lulzim is chosen as an expert at the Albanian School of Magistrates (Training School for National Courts and Prosecutors of the Republic of Albania) and regularly gives training classes at the aforementioned School. Lulzim is the Managing Partner of the ‘’Legale Albania Law & Tax’’, based in Tirana (Albania), with the focus in consulting and assistance to international companies operating in various sectors including construction, energy, automotive, mass media, tourism and telecommunications.

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