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Amendments in the determination of the minimum wage and the new application deadlines for personal income tax from employment

By Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 158 dated 12.3.2022 “On the determination of the minimum wage at the National level”, the Council of Ministers has decided to change the determination of the minimum wage at the national level. According to this decision, the mandatory minimum wage per month will be applied by every person, legal or natural, local or foreign for their employees in the amount of ALL 32,000 (thirty-two thousand).

Also, the above decision provides that the minimum monthly wage will be ALL 174 (one hundred and seventy-four) hours of work per month performed during normal working hours and the basic minimum hourly wage will be ALL 183.9 (one hundred and eighty-three).

This decision entered into force immediately and extends its financial effects starting from 01 April 2022.

Furthermore, together with the above amendments enters into force the Normative Act no. 4, dated 12.03.2022, “On an amendment to Law no. 113/2021 “On an Amendment to Law no. 8438 dated 28.12.1998, “On Income Tax”, as amended “, which has changed and approached the deadline regarding the entry into force of the table on personal income tax from employment based on which, the tax on personal income from employment is reduced. This Normative Act has brought changes in Article 2 of this Law where the words “… starting from July 1, 2022 …” are replaced with “… starting from April 1, 2022 …”.

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