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Another victory of “Legale Albania” in the Pharmaceutical Sector – Administrative Contract

Another important and hard work of an administrative court case was won by ‘Legale Albania’ defending the position of a Trading Company in the capacity of Pharmaceutical Importer in Albania.

After an administrative trial that lasted several months and which has defended by the professionals of ‘Legale Albania’ in the Administrative Court of First Instance in Tirana, was finally announced the clause of the decision which accepted the claims of our Client which is an importing company in the field of pharmaceuticals. This court decision annulled the suspension imposed on the Administrative Contract between the Client and the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (FSDKSH) which was improperly suspended by the latter.

With the acceptance of the Claim on the merits of the case, the request for provisional execution of the decision given by this Court was accepted too and FSDKSH is obliged to revoke the suspension of the implementation of the Contract and should immediately proceed with the execution of the Contract.

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