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The Change of data in the NBC, a combination with fiscalization

According to an announcement on its official website “Tax Administration informs all taxpayers, that in cases when they make a request for change of business data, at the NBC counters or online through the e-albania portal, they must also verify the headquarters code on the SelfCare portal.

This verification must be performed after the Request for change in the NBC, is accompanied by a new case number (CN Case Number), which is reflected in the Tax system by generating a new Code of the headquarters. The generation of this new Code, mainly for an organization that has only 1 (one) headquarters, does not enable the regular activity of the taxpayer, in terms of the Fiscalization process.

After verification, if it turns out that a new Code of the headquarters has been generated, the taxpayer must immediately notify and make the new Code available to the certified software solution provider, who then performs the updates and enables the issuance of invoices”.