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New Law “On Foreigners” in Albania

On 18.10.2021 is published the new Law no. 79 dated 24.06.2021 “On foreigners” in the edition of the Official Gazette no. 162 that repeals the Law no. 108/2013 “On foreigners“. Bylaws for implementation of Law no. 108/2013 which are in contradiction to the provisions of this new law will be implemented until new bylaws of Law no. 79/2021.

The new law no.79/2021 “On foreigners” is partially approximated with the Directives, Decisions, Regulations of the European Parliament and the Council and aims at the principle of best interests of the child, the principle of the right to family life education, the principle of non- refoulement, the principle of fairness and transparency and the principle of non-discrimination.

This new law has changed the term “work permit” by defining it as a “unique permit” and has provided new types of unique permits by regulating the procedure and the right to appeal in each case. Also, some additions have been made to new terms related to “Au pair” foreigner, as key personnel and its categories, the motives of the residence permit, the issuance of a 5-year residence permit for Citizens of States United States of America, European Union member states and citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. It performs when they apply for the first time and meets the general criteria set out in the law.

Responsible Ministries will issue bylaws according to new Law no. 79/2021, within 3-6 months from the entry into force of this law.

This law enters into force 15 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.