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LEGALE ALBANIA – Consultant of the Pharmaceutical Business Union (UBF)

Pharmaceutical Business Union (“UBF”), as a self-organized institution regularly registered in the relevant register at the Court of Tirana, has the priority of solving problems in the pharmaceutical field that affect its members and customers. UBF includes most of the companies in its membership operating in the pharmaceutical market with a very considerable volume of trade relations both in the country and abroad.

According to its needs, to improve the part of consulting and legal assistance related to membership and third parties, it has opened the competition with a selection procedure for a Law Firm that will follow the consultation at UBF.

At the end of this procedure, “Legale Albania” Law Firm was announced as a Consultant of the Pharmaceutical Business Union, which marked another success for it in the market of business consulting, this time to an organization that is a great actor in the pharmaceutical market with a scope and impact internationally recognized.