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New ways for declarations (on-line) at the Regional Directorate of Taxation

A reminder for all legal subjects: based on Law no. 87/2019 “On the Invoice and Circulation Monitoring System“, the legal subjects that perform transactions with public entities will start the fiscalization process on 01 January 2021, and during 2021 will also be part of this process the legal subjects that perform transactions with clients individuals or other entities (so not only with public entities). Excluded from this scheme are agricultural producers, urban transport and street vendors.

The fiscal system will be made through the SelfCare portal published by the tax administration. Invoices must be electronically signed by the taxpayer through the electronic certificate code issued by AKSHI. The exchange of invoices between the seller and the buyer will be made on-line through this platform where the buyer has several options for accepting or not the invoice issued on his behalf, or can inform the seller about the full / partial payment of the invoice.

If there are interruptions, defects, etc., the taxpayer must use the block of VAT invoices and within 48 hours must do their fiscalize in the system. This portal will be used for invoices, books of purchases / sales and VAT declaration. There are several companies authorized by AKSHI that offer the program of declarations in the fiscal system.

Any action or omission committed by the taxpayer, which violates the provisions of this law, constitutes an administrative contravention and is punished as such in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation on tax procedures.


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