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Children of foreign employees and health insurance coverage scheme in Albania

Referring to the issues received by the Studio according to the benefit of foreign minors from the health insurance of the parent who carry out a trade activity or works insured in Albania, we have requested an accurate interpretation of the legislation in force and, for this reason, we have addressed the Department for Border and Migration to the State Police, which has returned the answer as follows.

In order to benefit from the health services of the state health insurance scheme of the foreign parent, who works in the Republic of Albania, the minor children accompanying the foreigner must be provided in advance with a residence permit in Albania. For foreign minor children with residence permits and relatives of the foreigner employed and insured according to the compulsory health insurance scheme in Albania, no special health insurance is required because he benefits from the parent health insurance scheme.

All foreigners who are involved in these cases, have no reason to pay insurance policies in the private insurance system for health services that benefit from the state health insurance scheme.

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