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Reopening of air and maritime transport for passengers

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy both with the Civil Aviation Authority and the General Maritime Directorate, after the difficulties resulting from the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, are taking the necessary steps to gradually and safely resume air and sea transport activity.

The priority of the activity in the concrete context is the reopening of air and sea transport in accordance with the preventive and protective rules of health safety, drafted according to the recommendations and instructions of international civil aviation and public health organizations.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announces that starting from June 22, 2020, will begin the actions for the operation of regular international flights to destinations according to the schedules that will be approved and communicated by the Civil Aviation Authority, guaranteeing above all, the safety of the health of the employees of this sector and the passengers.

Also, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy both with the General Maritime Directorate announce that this date marks the opening of all passenger sea shipping lines, but only for Italian citizens, other foreigners and Albanians who are residents and work in Italy, while for tourists and ordinary passengers the movement will take place from 1 July.

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