Avv. Andrea Colletti

Avv. Andrea Colletti

Avv. Andrea Colletti was born in Pescara on March 22, 1981, Of Counsel at “Legale Albania" based in Tirana (Albania). He holds a Master’s Degree in Law obtained in 2005 from the University of Bologna, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science obtained in 2008 from the University of Bologna and a Master’s Degree in Processes of Internationalisation of Small and Medium Enterprises obtained from the Alma Graduate School of Bologna. He was a student at Essex University (UK) in 2002/2003 with a scholarship Erasmus and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Uned (Spain) in 2004/2005 for the preparation of his thesis experimental degree. Since January 2010, he has been a member of the Bar Association of Pescara, dealing mainly with Medical Liability (Malasanità), Professional Liability, Road Traffic Claims, Image Injury (Diffamazione) and Business Consultancy. He speaks English, Spanish and French. Since 2013 he has been a Member of the Italian Parlament. During the 17th Legislature (2013-2018) he was Commissioner of the Justice Commission. He was a minority speaker on the following measures: Medical Liability Law; Prisoner Emptying Law (78/2013); Prisoning Law (146/2013); Civil Liability of Magistrates; Prescription of Crimes; Corruption Rules. He presented the following proposals of law: Amendments to the Criminal Code on the prescription of crimes (A.C. 1174); Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure and other provisions for the acceleration of civil proceedings (A.C. 2921); Anti-Corruption Law (A.C. 1194); Amendments to the Private Insurance Code – RcAuto (A.C. 2708); Amendments to the Professional Law on Forensic Activities (A.C. 2643); Corporate, Tax and Bankruptcy Offences (A.C. 1205); Anti-Mafia and Anti-Money Laundering Laws (A.C. 1195). In the current Legislature – XVIII -(2018-today) he is Commissioner of the Commission for Foreign and Community Affairs and President of the Board of Appeal of the Chamber of Deputies, the highest body of parliamentary self-declaration. He presented the following legislative proposals: Amendments to the Criminal Code on the prescription of offences (A.C. 765); Amendment to Article 416-ter of the Criminal Code concerning the political-mafia electoral exchange (A.C. 766); Suppression of the regional courts and the Higher Court of Public Waters (A.C. 767); Establishment of a parliamentary committee of inquiry into errors in the field of health, the causes of regional health deficits and the health sector procurement system (A.C.). 1055); Norms in matters of health responsibility (A.C. 1321); Amendments to the Civil Code and to the Decree Law No. 132 of September 12, 2014, converted, with modifications, by Law No. 162 of November 10, 2014, concerning assisted negotiation in matters of work, and to Law No. 92 of June 28, 2012, in matters of appeal against dismissal (A.C. 1424); Delegation to the Government for the reorganization of the provisions concerning the civil trial and the special rites according to criteria of efficiency and harmonization (A.C. 1475)

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